Initially SUS TECH plans to create a generic tehnology platform for developing multiple products & variants for different use cases across Industry verticals,

Two key components of the platform include

  1. An embedded core & Communication layer: Developed using high speed Micro Controllers/Micro-processors suitable for real-time multi-tasking with in-built flash memories, selected from Intel, AMD. ARM CORE (etc) and ADC/DACs with high resolution and with built –in flash memories which will follow SPI and 12C protocols for integrating various sensors like light, ultrasonic, infra Red Weather Sensors, smoke and Gas, Electrical, Accelerometers, Pressure, Flow, touch vibrating (etc) using standard protocols for both internal, external communications as RS 232, 485 and TCP/IP and Zig Bee.

2. Application Layer: Custom-developed GUI in JAVA.Net, Pythan with data store MySQL which can be deployed in Cloud or On-premise infrastructure with required high security multi-layer protections following Govt. of India security norms suitable for energy efficient solutions Designed for Wastage prevention and optimal utilization.

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