SUSTECH engaged in product design, development, manufacturing, selling and commissioning of projects also would like to undertake the Energy Efficient Projects under Shared Saving Model.

DISCOMS (Electrical

1.Supervisory control and Data acquisition systems linked to head-quarters ofeach DISCOM from local DTR level with a tomorrows trget of linking consumers, DTRs, local sub-station in single network.
2.Power factor correctors at 11KV sub-stations
3. Auto TAP chargers at 11KV sub-stations
4. Pre-paid and remote accessible meters for consumers


1. Remote control systems with Asset Management provision, with user interface and with a provision of Dash Board linking for street lights
2. Water Management systems integrated with frequency Drives, P.F correctors, pressure gauges and Smart Valves.


1.Train and public occupancy-based amenity Management systems

2.Energy Management Systems for Pit-area water pumping, circulating area


1.Change of motors, integration of drives, demand management between Diesel generators and raw power to avoid penalties.
3. Access of the total plant equipment through a mobile by the maintenance engineer
4. Optimisation of lighting usage
5. Integration of Solar Energy and its management between raw power and Solar Energy and diesel generators.
6. Proactive health Management of Equipment
7. Graphical representation of energy consumption details
8. Over-all energy savings report generation, as validating reports


In the entire country there are more than 20 million pump-sets are working.

Some of the states are supplying free electrical supply to Agriculture and some are at subsidized prices.

Though the Govt. policy is too encourage Solarpum sets the adoption is at slow pace as the programme is high capital intensive.

An efficient and automated operation of these pump sets will benefit the farmers for their safety and state Government by reducing the power consumption and thus reduce the proportionate Carbon Emissions.


The project would have healthy financial Ratios as the technology and its products are the combination of Electronics, embedded, Electrical and application software, thus involves lesser material/components, and SUSTECH has proposed automation in bulk production and hence production costs are low.

Innovative business models would ensure that the product pricing would be value-based (Payback – Product earns its’ cost back) SUS TECH would be able to maximize its profitability in every sale.


The Electrical Regulating authorities in support of DISCOMS and to cultivate the habit of energy conservation among Domestic users have introduced slab Tariffs and time of the day metering and categorized Tariffs in line with EC ACT (etc.)  Even it is largely relalised by the users for energy conservation not able control  the intended levels of usage.

The Automation and the usage access to the user on the mobile will enable the user at least 15% of the convervation

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